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Caitlin Delaney

Ms Caitlin Delaney

An IVF Scientist and team leader with 25 years’ experience in healthcare, Caitlin became ‘the patient’ herself when diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in 2017. After witnessing the impact of compassionate care, she founded CareFully, with the aim to empower and support healthcare professionals to cultivate and sustain compassion - via webinars, keynote addresses and training workshops.

Caitlin’s advocacy has led her to collaborate with various patient organisations. She has also been involved with high profile media campaigns and delivered numerous presentations, including to the current and former Prime Ministers. She is on the Patient Advisory Boards of both the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse and Rare Cancers Australia and chairs the VCCC Alliance National Patient Advisory Committee.

Caitlin is a passionate advocate for compassionate and person-centred care for ALL cancer patients. She is currently co-authoring a paper on compassion education, which will be published later this year.



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