CNSA 26th Annual Congress |19 - 21 June 2024 | Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre | innovation quality care in a digital era
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    Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

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The upcoming CNSA Congress, set against the backdrop of our shared commitment to excellence in cancer care, promises to address the challenges and opportunities of our digital age. The program features sessions that deep dive into education innovations, advancements in cancer nursing and treatment, and the integration of digital health technologies.

Featuring notable speakers such as A/Prof Naomi Dobroff, Professor Stacy Carter, Distinguished Professor Patsy Yates and Consumer Advocate Caitlin Delaney, this event isn't just a discussion about the future of healthcare—it's a proactive leap into it, showcasing nurses as trailblazers. This is an unparalleled opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative impact of digital innovations in healthcare and engage in dialogue on how we, as cancer nurses, can actively participate in driving this change.

Our recent CNSA Cancer Nursing Workforce Survey underscores the critical role of technology in our workplace. Cancer nurses highlighted that a digitally enabled cancer nursing workforce, ready to lead, implement and leverage advancements will support the delivery of better patient care. It's about embracing the digital era, not as a distant future, but as our present reality. It's about ensuring that as cancer nurses, we are proficient in applying digital health technologies to benefit our patients and our workplaces as we remain strong advocates for technology’s role in improving patient care.

As experienced cancer nurses, we, your Congress Directors approach the intersection of technology, innovation, and artificial intelligence with a sense of caution. We recognise the immense potential of these advancements to influence our patients and our profession. However, we also acknowledge the possibility for this rapid growth and evolution to become overwhelming. Do we have the right infrastructure? Can we adapt and change at the same rapid pace? How do we ensure our patients are taken on the journey, and understand their own treatment path – and how do we help them navigate the evolution of genomics?

We are both really looking forward to Congress 2024 in Brisbane – where we hope you will join us in this important dialogue, to share your insights, and to learn from peers and leaders alike. We want this to be a platform to voice concerns, share successes, and collaborate on solutions that will shape our future and build a robust cancer nursing workforce in Australia. It's also a wonderful chance to meet others who are as passionate about making a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.

So, are you in? Let's make this event a turning point for cancer nursing in Australia.

We can’t wait to see you in Brisbane.

Diane Davey
Congress Co-Director

Sue Bartlett
RN Grad Cert (Can & Pall)

MAdv NursPrac
Congress Co-Director